Wish Local Referral+: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning Easy Cash

Dec 24, 2019 12:19:00 PM | tips Wish Local Referral+: A Step-by-Step Guide to Earning Easy Cash

The Wish Local Referral program lets you earn extra money by signing up new users to Wish. This how-to guide provides everything you need to know with a step-by-step tutorial.

Wish Local partners are earning hundreds of dollars of extra income through the Referral+ program. Getting your customers excited about Wish can mean the difference between a couple of extra bucks and a three-digit paycheck. Follow these steps to recruit new users and boost your earnings!

Start a conversation about Wish

Engaging your customers is a great way to connect and gain repeat business. Posting your Wish Local posters and stickers is a strong start when it comes to piquing your customer’s interest. Turn that attention into action with any of these icebreakers: 

For the bargain hunter: “Have you heard about Wish? They sell almost anything you can think of for 60-90% less than most online shopping sites! When you apply my promo code, you’ll get up to 80% off your first purchase!”

For the shopaholic: “Have you downloaded Wish yet? You’ll find things on there you didn’t even know you needed for unbeatable prices.”

For the on-the-go worker: “I know you work long hours. We’re a Ship to Store location with Wish. You can have your packages sent here and pick them up at your convenience.”

For the sports fanatic: “Our store just partnered up with Wish! They’re an official sponsor of the Lakers, so we’re excited to be a part of it!”

Help customers download the app

The best time to recruit a new user is when they’re standing right in front of you. Once they leave your store, they’re right back to their busy lives. Your promo code runs the risk of being lost or forgotten. Downloading and creating a profile on Wish takes seconds, and guiding the customer through the steps gets your bonus to you faster. 

Download the Wish app in the App Store or Google Play

Click the sign-up button and create a profile

Click the menu button in the bottom right corner

Apply your store’s promo code

Earn cash!

When your new referral makes their first purchase, your promo code will unlock a discount of up to 80%. Once the transaction is complete, you will receive your $5 reward. If you make 20 referrals in a single month, you’ll earn an additional $100 bonus.

It’s that easy! When you help your customers sign up for Wish, you not only get one step closer to your referral bonus, but you build a relationship. It only takes moments of your time, and these small efforts add up to significant cash rewards!

Written By: leslieylinen