How an Electronics Store Sold Out of Everything in One Month

Jun 18, 2020 10:35:26 AM | How an Electronics Store Sold Out of Everything in One Month

One Brazilian store sold out of their entire stock using Sell on Wish and Home Delivery. - Wish Local Success Stories

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more activities are happening virtually. Many continue to work from home. Children complete their schoolwork digitally. Even gyms are operating online. So, it’s no surprise that sales of computers, electronics, and gaming systems have grown significantly. This increased demand presented a unique opportunity for Marcel Lima Cavalero, owner of Torre Forte Informática in Ananindeua-Pará, Brazil.

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Cavalero opened his electronics store ten years ago in the Amazon-region city he calls home. He joined Wish Local one year ago to boost awareness of his business in the area. Fully committed to the Wish Local program, Cavalero always works in a Wish t-shirt and advertises his affiliation on social media. He also puts up Wish Local ads on a closed-circuit television inside his store. 

Before the start of the pandemic, Torre Forte Informática enjoyed considerable success as a Wish Local location. Cavalero estimates that 40% of Wish shoppers returned to buy additional products from his store. While the store’s focus is primarily electronics, Cavalero began sourcing new products that satisfy the varied interests of Wish enthusiasts. He began selling cables, security products, and even women’s accessories! 

His enthusiasm certainly paid off. When he uploaded his store’s merchandise to Sell on Wish, he sold out of everything within a month!

When pandemic-related store closures began in March, Torre Forte Informática saw an almost complete decline in foot traffic. Brazil did not mandate lockdown, but local residents were smartly remaining at home. Cavalero quickly moved his business online, offering about 150 products at any time on Sell on Wish

At the start of the pandemic, Marcel was delivering his goods to his customers. The introduction of the new Wish Local Delivery program worked out perfectly for him. Now, he can continue making deliveries and get paid to do so. It’s a win-win!

Cavalero tells us that online shopping is here to stay, and retail stores should seek out digital platforms to keep up with the latest trends. Torre Forte Informática sells on three different online marketplaces, but 50% of his total sales are through Sell on Wish. He says, “In less than 30 days we managed to sell all of our initial stock added. We already sell on other marketplaces and via retail, but we sell a lot more with Wish Local.”

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Written By: leslieylinen