How to Create Listings People Can’t Resist Buying

Jun 2, 2020 10:50:37 AM | tips How to Create Listings People Can’t Resist Buying

Learn how to sell your products on Wish with our best tips and tricks. Boost foot traffic and make more sales with Sell on Wish.

With Sell on Wish, you can get your store’s products in front of the eyes of more shoppers in your area. Upload your inventory directly onto the Wish app and take advantage of our large network of users. You’ll want your products to shine to catch the attention of more shoppers. Read on to learn our best trips and tricks to make sure your merchandise stands out in the crowd. 

Take great photographs

The product photograph is your first and best chance to catch the attention of a shopper. You don’t have to be a pro to take great photos of your merchandise. Follow these steps to get that picture-perfect shot every time.

  • Choose an area with lots of bright, natural light. Stand so that your product is in front of you and the light source is behind you.
  • Get rid of the clutter. Your product should be the only thing in the photograph.
  • Take a clear photograph. Make sure your images aren’t blurry. Keep the lens of your camera or phone clean by gently wiping with a soft cloth.
  • Keep the product centered. The entire item should be in frame for the main photograph. You can use the alternate images for detailed, close-up shots.
  • Use the correct orientation. Take a picture of your item upright or how it would be oriented when in use. Do not lay an item sideways.

Here are some product images that are examples of what NOT to do.

List more products

Wish is powered by software that rewards frequent use with increased visibility on its marketplace. The more products you list, the more visible your store will be to shoppers in the area. We suggest you upload at least 30 different products to maximize your sales.

Experiment with listings

Marketing your products is often trial and error. If you are noticing certain items aren’t selling as well as you’d like, experiment with the listing details. Try changing the photograph, product description, or price and see if that makes a difference. Only change one variable at a time so you can determine what works best for each item.

Try different product categories

Shoppers are more likely to find your business if you list products across multiple categories. If you are a grocery and have only uploaded food and beverage, you could try uploading toiletries or cleaning supplies. The more categories your store’s products fall under, the more shoppers you’ll capture with your listings. Check out this article to learn which shopping categories are trending with Wish users!  

To learn more about how to sell your store’s products on Wish, visit our tutorial here.

Written By: leslieylinen