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10.10.2022 09:23:00 | What’s happening at Wish and Wish Local?

Wish is in the process of transforming our marketplace and enhancing the Wish Local program.

We’re listening and adapting Wish and Wish Local to work better for you and your customers.

You may feel that your current foot traffic as a Wish Local participant isn’t at the level you expect. We hear you, and we’re working to improve long-term platform performance with our store participants in mind. By developing easy-to-use tools and new features, we’re aiming to help you boost foot traffic and increase revenue to grow your business.

What’s happening at Wish and Wish Local?

Wish is in the process of transforming our marketplace and enhancing the Wish Local program. We’ve started a fresh organizational chapter, including bringing in a new leadership team of experienced executives with strong backgrounds in retail and technology.

Our team is working to implement a series of exciting updates throughout 2022.

What happened to Wish ads?

Since July 2021, Wish has kept our ad spend at a reduced level, impacting order volume and financial performance. As we move back to a digital marketing-based model, we hope for a significant rebound in order volume and foot traffic for our Wish Local participants.

What does "enhancing the Wish Local program" mean?


Offering new opportunities for foot traffic and growth

In addition to Ship to Store, we're developing a new program feature to create more opportunities for foot traffic and increased revenue for your business. We’ll share more about these exciting new program updates soon.

Creating more reliable pickup experiences for you and your customers

We've heard your feedback, and we’re adding pickup codes as another option to confirm pickups (launched in September 2022). If a QR code isn't working, you can use the customer's pickup code to fulfill their order. Learn more about pickup codes.

Supporting your business's day-to-day Wish Local operations through new services

We're focusing on improving your support experience, starting with Wish Local's Assistant, a helpful support chatbot. Wish Local's Assistant can suggest helpful articles, provide instructions, and quickly connect you to our team (launched in June ‘22). Chat with Wish Local’s Assistant.

What should you focus on now?

While we work on launching new updates to enhance your overall experience in the program, we sincerely appreciate everything you do to provide a reliable and enjoyable pickup experience for Wish customers. As always, best practices include checking in shipments on time, completing the Activity Log tasks on the In stock tab of the Wish Local app, and making sure your pickup hours match your store hours.

Thank you for continuing to be a valued member of the Wish Local community. We’re always listening to store feedback and the voices of millions of monthly Wish shoppers to make improvements to the program. Please stay tuned—we have some amazing new features coming your way very soon!


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