Sep 20, 2019 4:09:58 PM | Why We Started Wish Local

Find out all the reasons why we started our Wish Local partnership program.

When store owners hear about the Wish Local program their first questions are often, “Why? Why partner with small businesses when you already have a popular e-commerce app? What’s in it for you?” Well, the truth is simple. Our strengths are complementary. When we work together we can both profit. Read more to learn why we started the Wish Local program.

Store Sign Up_21. To Help Small Businesses Succeed

More and more traditional retail stores are closing up shop due to limited foot traffic. According to Business Insider, traditional retail stores have announced record-breaking closures every year since 2017. This was alarming to us, as small businesses have always been a key part of the Wish ecosystem. Our Wish app hosts and relies on over 1 million small businesses, manufacturers, and distributors around the world.

Wish Local Empty State_22. To Create Local Experiences for Wish Customers

At the same time, we’ve long wanted to offer more localized services for our Wish users. Wish has tons of customers (over 500 million!) but no local hubs in the community. So, we recognized an opportunity to work together. 

By having Local Pickup spots around the world our customers can have a better experience. Now if they want something from Wish, they can go down to their Local Pickup shop to grab it. Local shops offer users a community touchpoint, while Wish brings in new customers & foot traffic to those stores.

Wish Local sr. product marketing manager Luke Peng says, “Wish’s needs and strengths match up perfectly with small businesses’ needs and strengths. If we help each other, we can all prosper.”

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Written By: rmedeirosestrada