What Real Customers Say About Wish Local

An overwhelming amount of Wish users have discovered new stores through Wish Local. Read what the customers are saying and see the love notes they’ve left for the small businesses that they’ve visited through the program.

From the newest customer of LA iPhone Repair

“I discovered a new place for repairs on my iPhone! It was a cluttered and crowded store, but as the customer said before me, ‘You guys are the best.’ It made me think that I’ve got a secret others need to find out. With the recent trouble I’ve had with my iPhone, I’m ready to ask them to check into it. I asked for a new glass front and it was done before I could blink at a reasonable price. They also had no trouble getting in my Wish item. No complaints. Great Experience.”

From two customers who love Appleberry Electronics

“Picked up [Wish order] in store. Works excellent in my car… At the same time, I actually put three other things in the store in my cart!”

“I highly recommend the Appleberry Electronics store to those who want to get their orders fast!”

From the customer who plans on returning to Cosas Baratas

“The guys at the local pick up were great and I plan to go back when I have time because they have everything.”

From a satisfied customer at La Tiendita Home Fashion 

Very professional and friendly. I loved [this place] and it was ready for pick up just a few miles away, immediately!

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