5 Creative Tips to Gain App Referrals & Earn Cash

Oct 18, 2019 1:32:39 PM | Retail Tips 5 Creative Tips to Gain App Referrals & Earn Cash

The Italian stores with top referral numbers give their best advice.

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With the Local Referral Plus program, more referrals equal more money for you. Thanks to exceptional creativity & marketing savvy, some stores have earned an extra $1,500 from this program in September alone! So, we asked store partners to give us their best advice about how to make those app referrals. Keep reading to learn their tricks of the trade.

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  1. Promote on social media

The most successful stores often share their referral codes on their Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter accounts. It’s an easy way to get their codes in front of larger audiences and score new referrals.

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Image Courtesy Ciber Max

  1. Display posters in high-traffic store areas 

Pick strategic locations to showcase your referral code to customers. Store Tabaccheria Rampado Luca showcases its referral code on signs above the most crowded areas of the store: the cash register and lottery ticket desk. You can also follow store Ciber Max’s example and display a poster outdoors to catch people walking by. You never know who might get you some extra referral bonuses.


  1. Hand out your code with every purchase

Store Tabaccheria Bivacco recommends giving out your referral code to every customer who makes a purchase.  Referral brochures are a great physical reminder for customers to download the app and use your code.

Media Systems
Image Courtesy Media Systems

  1. Offer extra assistance

Go the extra mile with customer service to help your store succeed with this program. Music Shop Window owner Fiorenza Di Mari answers customer’s questions about Wish and even helps new users download the app.

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Image Courtesy Cellular City

  1. Build a relationship with your customers

When you create trust with your customers, they are more likely to take your advice. Store owner Emilio Bisignano of Le Due Ruote recommends focusing on your relationships with customers. Take his word for it. Le Due Ruote had the most app referrals in Italy this September.

And, get the whole family involved! Tell your friends, family, and anyone who will listen about how to get a Wish discount & in turn support your business. Store owner Darren Cecil of Cellular City involves his family (and baby) in his store marketing! Involve your clique and build yourself a community of people who support your store with Wish Local.

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Written By: rmedeirosestrada