One Woman Achieves her Small Business Dreams with Help from Wish Local

Listening to Jullienne Adams describe how she sources merchandise for her store LiquidNation is like reading a spy novel. She’s constantly chasing down leads, contacting her network of secret connections, and researching for hours each day. Like any good spy, she keeps her cards close to her vest. “I get really high-end merchandise. We mainly liquidate from big box stores, but also work with local artists. We have really unique stuff you don’t see anywhere else. But I don’t want to give away my business secrets.”

Adams started selling liquidated merchandise in October of 2018 out of her home. Since then, she’s expanded into her 1600 square foot retail space in Vancouver, Washington, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Jullienne has an eye for treasure. Adams’s store houses a little bit of everything from electronics to clothes to a prized soprano saxophone. LiquidNation offers quality goods at low prices to a community that could not otherwise afford them.. She hopes to inspire others to help customers find much-needed products that would otherwise be cast aside by overstocked big box stores. “My goal is to be the rising tide that lifts all ships.”

She supplements her inventory with items from Wish Wholesale, noting that the dog seat belt harnesses are particularly popular with her customers. Jewelry is another hot ticket item. “I can order a pack of 15-20 rings from Wish and sell them in my store for $6 a piece. That’s a huge, huge profit margin.”

LiquidNation is also an active participant in the Sell on Wish program, often listing as many as 70 items at a time. Adams notes that she was surprised to see hard to sell items explode in  popularity on Wish. At one point she was making $400 every two weeks just from selling Lenovo tablets. “They were selling really well. We actually couldn’t sell them in our store, but they were going really fast on Wish.”

LiquidNation started as a Wish Local participant offering Ship to Store and Pickup Now. As one of the first locations in the metro Portland area, Adams was blown away by the immediate success. “We increased our foot traffic by so much. We went from having 10 customers a day to about 40. We offer a 20% discount on one item with a Wish package pickup, and we convert about 70% of those people into our customers.” The business has also enjoyed gaining customers in unexpected ways. Adams describes how being on Wish has given her business greater name recognition. “They see our name on Wish and decide to come check us out.”

Jullienne is the quintessential small business owner, scrappy and hard-working. Adams works with her partner and teenage son around the clock to build her business from the ground up.  Without a large marketing budget, LiquidNation relies on strategic collaborations like Wish Local to boost sales and spread brand awareness. Adams says, “I tell customers all the time that I couldn’t afford to pay for what Wish does for us in advertising.” 

The community connections Adams has made through the Wish Local program have been invaluable. She estimates at least 30% of Wish customers go on to become returning clients. In one special case, a Wish customer became an artist-in-residence at LiquidNation! “One of the ladies who came in for Pickup Now is an artist that we now showcase in the store. She does some really neat, sea life paintings and figurines that she makes and paints, and it is gorgeous. So it [Wish Local] has brought in aspects to my store that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”

Around the world, small businesses are boosting their brands with the help of Wish Local. As Jullienne says, “You guys [Wish] could have chosen to go with a chain or big corporation. But you chose to reach out to the small businesses that really need a boost. And it’s amazing.”

Find more information and an application to join Wish Local here.