Sell Pizza on Wish? 3 Unique Ways to Reach Customers

As a Wish Local partner, you have the advantage of being in the right place at the right time. Sometimes a shopper can’t wait for a product to ship, and when that happens, you’ll want your store’s merchandise to be at the front and center of their feed. With Sell on Wish, you can now upload perishable, consumable and seasonal items for immediate sale and pickup. The best part? For a limited time, Sell on Wish is completely free to use! Read on to learn three unique types of products you can now sell on Wish. 

Consumer packaged goods

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) are products that shoppers frequently buy and replace like toiletries, cleaning supplies, and pet food. Often, when a customer needs a CPG, it’s unlikely they have time to wait for it to ship through the mail. Who wants to wait for a new toothbrush? When you upload your store’s CPGs to Wish, you remind shoppers in your area of those little household items they need to pick up on the way home. 

Food and beverage

Selling ready-to-eat food on Wish may sound crazy; but it’s a real offering, and it works! When shoppers browse the Local Pickup section of their Wish app, they’ll catch a glimpse of your shop’s famous three cheese pizza or your perfect cup of coffee. If you catch that person on an empty stomach, they’ll be tempted to head over to grab that slice. That shopper may not have known your business was nearby! 

How does it work? When a customer purchases hot or made-to-order food or drink, they’ll present proof of purchase when they arrive at your store. You can then prepare their order, giving them time to browse the rest of your offerings. This will ensure food stays hot and fresh, and may also increase sales when the customer sees something else they want to buy. Using Sell on Wish to promote your food and beverage business is an innovative way to spread brand awareness to new customers in your area.

Holiday and gift items

When gift-giving holidays come around, many shoppers wait until the very last minute. Sell on Wish saw major success around Valentine’s Day, with Wish Local partners uploading flowers, candy, and toys. Even when it’s not a holiday, every day is someone’s birthday or anniversary! Use Sell on Wish to upload your store’s unique gifts to capture more last-minute shoppers in your area.

The possibilities are endless! Use Sell on Wish to bring in foot traffic and get your products in the hands of more people. Want to learn more about how Wish Local’s programs can help you scale your small retail business? Learn more here.