Make $5.50 with our New Mystery Box Program

Nov 15, 2019 11:17:33 AM | Make $5.50 with our New Mystery Box Program

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With the Mystery Box program, you will be able to offer canceled inventory as Mystery Box items and earn up to $5.50 for new users who pick up their Mystery Box at your location.


Each Mystery Box pickup earns you $0.50 and as a bonus, if the user is a new Wish customer, you will receive an additional $5 once their status is confirmed.

How to make that extra cash

Tell your customers about the Mystery Box items they can receive. If your customer is a new user, they can download the app, select Mystery Box under the pickup tab, and pick up their Mystery Box at your location with the standard pickup QR code.

Setup Instructions

  1. Use the attached file to locate the eligible items – When you are locating the packages, make sure the name and Transaction ID matches because the customer might have another order that is not canceled.
  2. Remove eligible items from their packages & set aside
  3. Email us your store name & Wish Local email login to confirm that you’ve done this step.
  4. Wish activates your location for Mystery Box for pickup

Mystery Box Pickup Instructions

  1. Customers will purchase on the app & come in with a QR code for the Mystery Box.
  2. Scan their QR code – The app will indicate whether or not the order is for a mystery gift or regular pickup.
  3. At your discretion, either hand out one item randomly from the mystery gift selection or let the customer pick what they want. – Each mystery gift order is one item only.
  4. Confirm the pickup on the app to receive your 0.50 pickup fee.
  5. OR, convince your own customers to download the Wish App to grab a Mystery Box. If a Mystery Box pickup customer is also a new user you will receive the additional $5 new user bonus.

Good luck and happy selling!

Written By: rmedeirosestrada