50% of Local customers were first-time visitors & other cool stats

Sep 11, 2019 2:54:19 PM | 50% of Local customers were first-time visitors & other cool stats

Our Wish Local partners are making additional sales, welcoming in new locals, and turning first-time visitors into repeat customers. Check out the stats.

Thousands of store owners around the world are growing their businesses with Wish Local. To get a better sense of the program’s impact, we surveyed some of our Local Pickup stores and shoppers. Here’s what we found.

46.5% of surveyed pickup users said they made a separate purchase from their Local Pickup store.

With increased foot traffic from Local Pickup, store owners are able to sell more of their own inventory. It’s a simple, efficient way to boost revenue. Joseph Davis, who owns a fine jewelry store in Columbus, Ohio, said he has made over $1000 in sales through Wish Local!

Stores reported that over 50% of their Local Pickup customers were first-time visitors.

As Local Pickup partners, store owners are attracting lots of people from their communities, many of whom have never visited their shops before. They’re able to tell potential customers about their products and services and form valuable relationships, face-to-face.

Stores said 20-30% of Local Pickup customers returned later to make a purchase from their store.

After Wish pickup shoppers retrieve their orders, many stick around to shop in the store and check out the products. Moreover, store owners often see their first-time customers turn into repeat shoppers, resulting in additional sales long-term. 

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Written By: jdoran123