Local Referral Plus: A new way to earn revenue

To promote the growth of our Wish Local community of small and medium businesses, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Wish Local Referral Plus Program.

Each participating store partner will receive a unique promo code, which offers new Wish customers a discount on their first purchase. Our partners will receive a commission for each new Wish user that makes a purchase with their unique code. It’s that simple!

Plus, more Wish customers means more pickups, foot traffic and sales for Wish Local stores. It’s a win-win deal.

To help our store partners succeed in this program, each one will receive a placard holder and promotional poster, along with business cards containing their unique promo code. 


Pro Tip: 

We’ve seen stores have the most success in signing up new users by placing the placard near the register and handing out business cards with each purchase.

To sign up for the program, email store@wish.com.