Introducing CPGs: Basic Essentials for Repeat Customers

Nov 20, 2019 5:22:39 PM | Introducing CPGs: Basic Essentials for Repeat Customers

We’re excited to launch our CPG program, featuring in-demand essentials like cosmetics, cleaning products, and toiletries.

Great news! New, in-demand inventory is coming your way. Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of our CPG program, which will help you earn more repeat customers.

CPGs are consumable packaged goods including cosmetics, cleaning products, and toiletries. They can make a huge difference for your business, because they’re essential items purchased on a regular basis. Plus, we’ve selected highly-rated products that’ll help you drive sales around the holidays. Most are just $1! 


We’ve already seen positive results in our initial test run. Overall, stores carrying CPGs get 10-20% more pickup orders. CPGs also have higher ratings than our overall average, proving great satisfaction rates.

Carrying CPGs will not only bring in more foot traffic, but it’ll also help you nurture repeat customers who need to replenish their supplies regularly. For shoppers, the convenience of purchasing these items nearby at low prices will keep them coming back to your store for more. You’ll have more opportunities to drive sales, while earning more commission through pickups.

As we gradually roll out this program, we’ll be sending select Wish Local stores fresh supplies of CPG products. Be on the lookout, and get ready to welcome more customers!

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Written By: Wish Local