Turn Wish Customers into Your Own

Make the most of your new foot traffic from Local Pickup.

Since joining the Local program, small businesses have gained new customers and made additional sales through Wish’s Local Pickup program. We interviewed some of our most successful store partners and learned that many of them practice similar organization and marketing strategies. Here are their tips to help you make the most of new foot traffic and convert Wish users into your customers.

Organization Tips

1. Memorize the Pickup Now & Ship-to-Store Instructions

Train your staff so that they’re all aware of how the pickup programs work. Get the program steps down to a science, so they spend less time on completing the Pickup Now and Ship-to-Store orders and more time selling to Wish users.

2. Organize the orders

Place your packages in order so that pickup goes quicker and smoother. Organize Ship-to-Store packages alphabetically and Pickup Now items by category.

3. Keep pending Pickup Now orders up front

During downtime, move pending Pickup Now orders to the front, so you can easily grab orders when Wish users arrive. This saves both your team and customers time, which is great for everyone involved. Happy customers result in repeat sales and rave reviews!

Sales Tips

1. Talk to the customers about your products & services

Don’t get so bogged down by the pickup process that you forget about conversion. Tell every pickup order customer what your business is about! Our most successful stores take time to interact with customers and discuss what they sell. This is a great way to build awareness about your services within the community and make the most of your new foot traffic!

2. Give out store flyers

Owner Mr. El Mahfoud, of the Parisian store l’Euro Quincaillerie, shares his go-to tip. He prints out “little pieces of paper or flyers to give Wish customers when they come in the store for an order pickup. This is an easy way to tell the customers about [his] store.”  

3. Offer coupons for return sales

Entice Wish customers to return by handing out coupons for future purchases with each order. This is a great way to get repeat customers!

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