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Make the most of your new foot traffic from Local Pickup.

Make the most of your new foot traffic from Wish Local Pickup.

Since joining the Wish Local program, small businesses have gained new customers and additional sales through Wish’s Local Pickup program. After interviewing some of our most successful store partners, we’ve learned that many of them practice similar organizational and marketing strategies. Here are a few tips we’ve gathered from them to help you make the most of new foot traffic and convert Wish users into your customers.

Tips for organizing your retail stores

1. Memorize the Ship-to-Store Instructions

Train your staff so that they’re all aware of how the Ship-to-Store program works so they spend less time completing orders and more time servicing Wish users.

2. Organize the orders

Organize Ship-to-Store packages alphabetically so that pickup goes quicker and smoother.

Tips to boost your store’s sales

1. Talk to the customers about your products & services

Our most successful stores tend to prioritize customer interaction. Every Wish Local pickup visit is a great opportunity to build awareness about your services, connect with the community and establish trust. “[Wish Local] has been a huge opportunity for us to build a relationship with our community,” says Cassie Streit, owner of Streit Sandblasting.  “When you build a relationship with your customers, it’s going to give back 10 fold.”

2. Personalize the experience

Each customer who orders delivery from La Clemencia Mini Mercado receives a personalized thank you note from Duván Quito, the minimarket’s owner, in his elegant penmanship. “I like to serve them in the best way, make them feel good, and want to buy again…I do it with my clients through letters so that they feel happy doing something as basic in life as buying groceries,” Quito says.

3. Offer coupons for return sales

Give customers a reason to return to the store by handing out coupons with discounts and deals for future purchases with each order. Thank them for visiting and let them know you can’t wait to see them again!

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