How an Italian Tobacco Shop Owner Connected with His Community

Aug 21, 2019 3:51:05 PM | How an Italian Tobacco Shop Owner Connected with His Community

An Italian tobacco shop with a Bright Future.

Local Pickup is giving a boost to brick-and-mortar stores across Italy, helping them gain foot traffic, drive sales, and welcome new faces in their doors. 

Guido Catelli, who owns a tobacco shop called Tabaccheria Catelli in Francavilla al Mare, was one of the first store owners in his area to jump on board. A longtime fan of Wish, Guido was very eager to become a Local Pickup partner, and he’s had a great experience with the program so far.

“The app system is perfect,” he said. “The program is really user-friendly, quick and well-designed. I’m very happy about it, and I’m glad I immediately believed in this project.” 

Since joining Local Pickup, Guido has seen his business benefit, noting that his sales have “definitely grown.” In fact, among customers who come in to pick up their Wish items, about 30% end up buying something else from his shop. 

Beyond the additional sales, Guido said the program has allowed him to nurture a wider customer base and connect with more people in the community. “New people come in, they get to know my store, and they ask about me and my services,” he explained. “This allows me to create a friendly relationship with them that I’ll keep over time.”

Guido enthusiastically promotes Wish Local on his store’s Facebook page and spreads the word in his neighborhood, so that other stores in the area can benefit as well. “During my experience with the program, I’ve referred many other stores throughout Italy hoping they’ll be accepted,” he said.

Based on the success he has already had, Guido is thrilled for his store’s future with Local Pickup. He’s looking forward to welcoming many more customers into his shop and continuing to grow his business. “I want to receive as much inventory from Wish as possible,” he remarked. “I’d love to receive 10 more boxes…I’d love to have my store buried in boxes!”

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Written By: rmedeirosestrada