Snapshots of Wish Stores Around the World This Holiday Season

Dec 17, 2020 12:52:11 PM | Snapshots of Wish Stores Around the World This Holiday Season

We’re giving thanks by showcasing a list of Wish Local small businesses from all around the world. Read their stories, and learn how Wish Local has helped support their business.

With the holidays just around the corner and the new year on the horizon, Wish would like to recognize all of our Wish Local participants. Local businesses like yours are the foundation of our communities. We’re celebrating two whole years of the Wish Local program! And we are so happy to have grown to over 50,000 stores worldwide. Today, we’re giving thanks by showcasing a list of Wish Local small businesses from all around the world. Read their stories, and learn how Wish Local has helped support their business. 

Here are 5 Wish Local stores around the world that are making holiday shopping safe, easy, and convenient with Wish Local: 

Edicola Mocama in Rome, Italy

Hailing from Rome, Italy, store owner Alessio operates his local shop, Edicola Mocama, with his mother and brother. Their family-owned shop sells newspapers, magazines, books, and a variety of children’s items. They initially joined Wish Local back in August of 2019 to bring new customers into their store. Since the pandemic hit, they’ve been offering Local Delivery to their community as well.

From Pokemon cards and action figures to stuffed animals and books, the products at Edicola Mocama have something for every kid this year. Items like these make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the kids. 

Stock items like these and upload them to Sell on Wish to bring last-minute holiday shoppers into your store!

La Causa Nuestra in Mexico City, Mexico 

Based in Mexico City, La Causa Nuestra is a local shop that provides electronics and electronics services, and also sells products from Wish Wholesale. When the store’s founder, Elias, first opened La Causa Nuestra, he was mostly selling items in-store and dabbled a bit with selling online. However, his business took off when he started selling his items on Wish Local.  

These days, he’s diversified his inventory significantly and provides Local Delivery in his neighborhood. He tells us, “Partnering with Wish Local has made me much more competitive. Here, there are a lot of people who live together, including people from older generations. During the pandemic, this has turned into an opportunity to help people, so they can still get the products they need immediately.”  

It’s amazing to hear how partnering with Wish Local can give local businesses a competitive edge and empower them to provide much-needed services in their local communities.

Get Sassy Beauty Supply in Chandler, Arizona 

Get Sassy Beauty Supply is a Black-Owned business based in Chandler, Arizona. The beauty supply shop has been open for 11 years now and has been through quite the wild ride, surviving a flood, a fire, and now the 2020 pandemic. They joined the Wish Local program in January 2019, and it’s safe to say Get Sassy isn’t going anywhere soon!  

Shoppers can now browse Get Sassy’s line of haircare, skincare, and beauty products in the Wish app, allowing them to reach a lot more customers in their local area. Plus their customers love that they can browse from their phone and then purchase for same-day pickup. 

Bigabyte in Birkenhead, UK

2020 has been a very unpredictable year for all of us, but stores that offer Local Delivery make things a little bit easier for their communities

Bigabyte, a computer and mobile phone store located in Central Birkenhead, UK, has been able to help their town weather the storm by providing Local Delivery, even when their shop is closed.  

Bigabyte has been a Wish Local store since July 2019, and the store’s owner, Niel, says joining the program has allowed them to reach a much wider audience.

Many of their new customers have even become regulars and now call the shop asking them to list specific items on Wish Local so they can order them for pickup. In addition to electronics items, their store stocks clothing, accessories, tools, gadgets, and more. 

Especially with holiday shopping going largely online this year, it’s great to see people still shopping safely with options like Pickup or Local Delivery!

Meyers Liquids in Chemnitz, Germany

Meyer’s Liquids is a neighborhood vape shop located in the town of Chemnitz, Germany.  Sebastian started Meyer’s Liquids 4 years ago after he quit smoking and took up vaping instead. 

After he started vaping, he noticed that the e-liquids currently on the market weren’t as clean as they should be, so he decided to develop his own. 

While his shop has been a big success, Sebastian wanted to grow his business even further. He recognized the importance of diversifying his business to bring in more customers. 

In August of 2019, he decided to partner with Wish Local. Besides selling e-liquid for vaping, his shop also offers a range of clothing, home decor, beauty products, and accessories on the Wish app through the Sell on Wish program.

Sebastian tells us his “favorite part about Wish Local is that his small corner store creates the link between their customers and a huge online retailer.” We couldn’t agree more! We love that Wish is bringing people together with store owners and their local community. 

As we celebrate our anniversary and the upcoming holidays, we’d like to extend our gratitude to you, our Wish Local participants, who make the program possible.

Happy Holidays,

Wish Local Fam!

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Written By: AJ Reddy