Thank You Letters Are This Store’s Secret to Success

Jul 22, 2020 2:10:11 PM | Uncategorized Thank You Letters Are This Store’s Secret to Success

A supermarket owner tripled his business sales during the COVID-19 pandemic and still finds time to write each customer a handwritten thank you letter.

Even in an increasingly digital world, minimarket owner Duván Quito still believes in the beauty of a handwritten letter. Each customer who orders delivery from La Clemencia Mini Mercado receives a personalized thank you note from the owner in his elegant penmanship. “I like to serve them in the best way, make them feel good, and want to buy again…I do it with my clients through letters so that they feel happy doing something as basic in life as buying groceries.” Quito says.

Quito has been writing more letters than ever. His sales have tripled since he shifted his business online at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using Sell on Wish, Quito offers the locals in his Bogotá, Colombia neighborhood the ability to buy groceries and basic necessities in a way that feels safe. He says, “Wish and La Clemencia Mini Mercado became important for people. Being an app that does not have a minimum or a purchase limit, people could choose to buy just a soap, or to buy monthly groceries with us. They feel safe knowing that their products are protected, and they have no contact with anyone. Our customers also have the Local Delivery option with Wish where they do not have to leave their homes.”

La Clemencia Mini Mercado started out as a liquor and tobacco store, and was managed by Quito’s mother. After she fell ill, Duván took over and has been running things with his mom close by. He increased his inventory to include food and other essentials and renamed the store to honor his mother,  Martha Clemencia.

La Clemencia joined Wish Local in October of 2019. Since then the program has brought Duván runaway success. The minimarket isn’t on a bustling street, so getting people in the door was a challenge. Quito says, “Since I joined the program all my products can be viewed online, and I can estimate that the percentage of people who now visit me has increased by more than 50%. This has certainly boosted my business.”

The minimarket has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small tobacco shop, but there is much more growth to come. To keep up with increasing demand, Duván has extended his business hours. He plans to soon go to 24-hour service. When asked if Wish Local played a role in these changes, he says, “The expansion of the store, the extension of operating hours, adding more employees, generating employment; it has all happened because of the Wish Local program.”

Duván hopes to one day have a La Clemencia in every city in Colombia. And he’s well on his way. He’s already hired an employee to take care of all the Wish Local Delivery transactions as well as a social media consultant. If things keep trending upwards for La Clemencia, Duván may also need to hire someone to write all those letters!

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Written By: leslieylinen