Sweet Ways Wish Local Helped a Dessert Shop Increase In-Store Traffic

Jan 27, 2022 11:10:42 AM | tips Sweet Ways Wish Local Helped a Dessert Shop Increase In-Store Traffic

Since signing up as a pickup destination for Wish products, its foot traffic has increased around 10-15%.

A dessert store that doubles as a parcel pick up centre may seem like an unlikely combination, but for Mastika Ice-Cream Shop, it’s been the best strategy to attract new customers and build its community presence in Belmore, NSW Australia. Founded 6 years ago by Yanni Isgorener, the store sells an assortment of tasty gelato flavours, indulgent desserts, celebration cakes and specialty beverages. With the goal of attracting more customers, Mastika Ice-Cream Shop was one of the first stores to join Wish Local Australia when the program launched in the APAC region a little over a year ago. Since signing up as a pickup destination for Wish products, its foot traffic has increased around 10-15%. Below are a few ways the Wish Local program has helped support the business and expand its reach within the local community.

Fostering relationships with prospective customers

One way to convert Wish customers to your own when they pick up their orders is to offer free samples to introduce your product and build a relationship. This gesture of kindness can result in impulse purchases, or simply serve as a way to foster relationships that may lead to sales over time. “When Wish customers come in, I introduce myself and also ask them if they need anything,” said Yanni.  “To be friendly, we offer gelato flavour samples while they wait for a parcel or a glass of water. If they don’t buy anything, it doesn’t matter.  Building relationships will convert them eventually. There is huge potential. I don’t have an exact count on the percentage of conversion, but definitely, there is a conversion, and not just locally. For example, a couple once came from Ashfield (10-15 km away) to pick up a package and they visit all the time now.”

Becoming more engaged with the local community 

The team at Mastika Ice-Cream Shop is also dedicated to making sure Wish customers receive their packages on time, sometimes even picking up shipments delivered outside of store hours.  “Since joining Wish Local, the store has become a little post office. We’re open 7 days a week from noon to 11 pm, so the late hours make it convenient for people to pick up their packages after work. I even built a cabinet for them to sort the Wish parcels,” said Yanni.  

Maintaining strong relationships with current customers

“We put a banner and stickers up to let more people know we participate in Wish Local,” said Yanni. “A customer once shared that he chose us over picking up from 3 other stores because he knows us and is aware of our services and reputation.” 

Sustaining the business during Covid-19 

“As a result of Covid, we cannot have indoor dining and had to cut short our opening hours. Wish Local helped during the lockdown period because the customers were still able to come pick up their parcels, which helps them and adds an additional revenue stream to our business,” said Yanni.

Overall, Yanni said he is very happy he joined the Wish Local Australia program. 

“When I joined, I was looking to increase foot traffic and awareness of the store. These expectations surely have been met and I have great support from the Wish Local Australia team,” he said. “From the post office to the local community, Wish Local is helping to get us more engaged with the community. Don’t hesitate! Just go with Wish. You will start seeing changes in your store!”

To learn more about Wish Local and how the program can help your business, click here.

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Written By: Delia Mitchell

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