These Social Media Tips Will Elevate Your Referral Game

Jan 16, 2020 1:38:11 PM | tips These Social Media Tips Will Elevate Your Referral Game

5 tips to optimize your business on social media and boost earnings with Wish Referral These Social Media Tips Will Elevate Your Referral Game

On average, people spend 135 minutes on social media per day, and that number increases each year. That’s two hours and 15 minutes a day! Social media marketing is not just for big brands, either. If your small retail business lacks a social presence online, you’re missing a significant opportunity to reach potential customers. A compelling social media feed builds trust among consumers and vendors, increases brand visibility, and provides an avenue for customer service and feedback. Most importantly, it’s a valuable opportunity to promote lucrative partnerships like Wish Local. 

Don’t just take our word for it. We reached out to Le Due Ruote, an Italian bicycle shop, and the Wish Referral+ top earner, to learn their secrets to success. Shop owner Emilio Bisignano made a whopping 919 referrals in merely three months. That’s over $4300 in bonuses! Bisignano admits that social media is king when it comes to spreading the word about Wish Referral+. Read on for tips on how to use social media to make the most of the Wish Referral+ program.

Spread the love across channels

Don’t limit yourself to one social media channel. Depending on your business, you should choose the two or three most appropriate platforms, and cross-post your content to reach the most customers. If your business lends itself well to striking product visuals, focus your efforts on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Companies that provide services and experiences may play better on Facebook and Twitter. Post your store’s unique promo code across several social media channels along with high-quality content to lure in shoppers and get that referral cash!

Use eye-catching visuals

Better yet, use some of ours! We have attractive templates you can customize and post to get the word out about your Wish Local partnership. All you will need is an app to overlay your store’s unique code. Photoshop Express is free and easy to use. However, there are dozens of other free photo editing apps out there.

Is video more your style? We have a selection of engaging product videos that you can use to give your followers a taste of what Wish is all about. 

Click the links to view and download product videos:

Hashtag it out

Social media is where serious bargain hunters go on the prowl. Users search for content they relate to by clicking hashtags, so using them properly makes your promo code easier to find. Add hashtags to your Instagram and Twitter posts to gain more exposure and watch those referral dollars roll in. 

Our research shows the best hashtags to use are:

#promocode #discount #sale #discountcode #couponcode #promo #deals #coupon #promocodes #onlineshopping #promotion #coupons #shopping #promotions #wishapp

Get analytical

Social media platforms use computer algorithms to deliver targeted content to each user. Instagram and Facebook business accounts have an analytics section that shows when your followers are most likely to be browsing each day. By understanding the needs of your social audience, you’re more likely to reach them at the right time. More eyes will see your promo code when you post during peak times.

Prioritize your relationships

Not even the most viral social media campaign can replace exceptional customer service and quality products. If your customers don’t have a stable relationship with your brand or its products, they’re less likely to engage with your business online. Bisignano of Le Due Ruote notes that if your customers trust you in their offline lives, they are more likely to heed your advice to download the Wish app. So continue to treat every person that walks through your door as a potentially valuable connection.

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Written By: leslieylinen