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Feb 16, 2021 12:41:37 PM | Sign Up with Wish Local and the Empowerment Program Today!

Wish has dedicated $2 million dollars to create the Wish Local Empowerment program. This is a designated fund to give Black-owned small business partners financial support.

February may be the shortest month of the year, but there is so much love to give. It’s also one of the most influential months of the year as we celebrate and recognize Black History Month.

Wish believes in building strong ties within our communities. That’s why we started our Wish Local program. We want to help small businesses thrive and make it easier for our customers to shop by picking up their orders the same day.

Wish Local Empowerment Program

Black-owned small businesses have long faced hardship due to systemic racism. In an effort to help do our part to respond to the inequity, Wish Local has launched the Wish Local Empowerment Program, its own investment fund to support underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Wish has dedicated $2 million dollars to create the Wish Local Empowerment program. This is a designated fund to give Black-owned small business partners financial support.

Wish Local Empowerment Partners

We also teamed up with Black-owned businesses like Official Black Wall Street and Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce to help locate Black-owned businesses to support. Together we’re connecting with more small businesses to help promote equality and diversity within American entrepreneurship.

What benefits does the Empowerment program offer?

  • Eligible business owners will be provided with a grant ranging from $500 – $2000.
  • Funds can be allocated for a range of business needs (workforce, operating costs, inventory, marketing, utilities, etc).

What happens next?

  • Small business will become a Wish Local pickup point 
    • As a Wish Local pickup point, stores become locations where Wish customers go to pick up their online orders.
    • Participating stores can grow foot traffic, sell on the Wish marketplace, build their customer network, and earn additional revenue through Local Delivery and Customer Referrals.

How do I join? 

Wish Wholesale offerings 

Buy in bulk and save more with our Wish Wholesale program. We offer the Best-Selling Products from Wish at wholesale prices! 

  • Volume discounts
  • Best-seller boxes & category boxes
  • No minimum order quantities 

Wish Local Black-Owned Businesses 

Here are a few of our Black-owned businesses that have joined the Wish Local program.

The Infinity Glam Group

Store Address: 720 N Glynn St Suite G, Fayetteville, Georgia United States (US), 30214

Store Owner: Tanya Swearingen

Category: Boutique: Accessories, Fashion, Home Decor


Contact Number: 470-735-5366

Absolutely Anything Essential

Store Address: 3521 S. King Drive Chicago, Illinois, 60653

Store Owner: Kenya Robertson

Category: Gift Shop 

Contact Number: 312.238.9447



Antoinette’s Urban Chic

Store Address: 10800 W. 9 Mile Road Oak Park, Michigan, United States (US), 48237

Store Owner: Yolanda Walker

Category: Boutique: Jewelry, Accessories, Clothes


Contact Number: 248-579-7515

School Matters

Store Owner: Evelyn Robinson

Store Address: 2596 Woodville Rd. Northwood, Ohio United States (US), 43619

Category: School Supplies


Contact Number: 419-690-0570

Upcoming Live Streams on FB & IG

To learn more about the program, join us on Facebook Live on Wednesday, 2/17 at 3 pm Pacific time with LeTanya at Infinity Glam. 

Hear about:

  • How Infinity Glam marketed themselves as a Wish Local store
  • Converting from Wish customer into their own business 
  • And Wish Local & Empowerment program offerings 

View our Instagram Live stream with Wish Local and Wish Wholesale team on Thursday, 2/18 at 11:30 am Pacific time. 

Learn about:

  • Black History Month (What it means, how it was founded, brief history)
  • The struggle that covid has caused to Black-owned businesses and insight to this ongoing issue.
  • How the Wish Local and Empowerment program is relevant to the topic mentioned above and what benefits can be gained from being part of these programs.
  • Details/requirements to apply for the empowerment

We hope you’ll join us in this movement to celebrate and empower Black-owned businesses. 

“We Wish for…

A world where racism is overcome by love.

A world where we have equal opportunities.

A world that is safe for everyone.

The world we Wish for has no tolerance for hate.

Wish stands in solidarity with our Black employees, customers, partners and friends in the fight for racial justice and equality.” – Wish Instagram, June 1, 2020

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Written By: AJ Reddy