Capture hearts and last-minute shoppers with Sell on Wish

Feb 11, 2020 3:18:20 PM | tips Capture hearts and last-minute shoppers with Sell on Wish

Sell on Wish lets you upload your store’s products to sell on the Wish app. Learn how to capture last-minute holiday shoppers with this Valentine’s guide.

There are only three days left until Valentine’s Day, and absent-minded lovers are about to find themselves empty-handed and scrambling. Sell on Wish is a great way to get your store’s products into the hands of customers who need something for the holiday right now. You don’t even have to be a flower or chocolate shop to get in on the Valentine’s Day action. Think outside of the heart-shaped box! Check out these real examples of Wish Local partner stores using Sell on Wish to help last-minute shoppers spread the love.

Date night decorations

Lights, candles, balloons and paper decorations are essential for creating the perfect romantic stay-at-home Valentine’s Day. in Caserta, Italy offers these stunning string lights that really set the mood.   

Uncommon treats and sweets

Every person is a unique individual, so why do we all get the same box of chocolates? Encourage shoppers to give a gift as unique as the recipient. Garage Sale Unlimited in Lynchburg, VA recently uploaded these donut flavored jelly beans. Talk about a truly memorable holiday!

Quirky gifts

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but who could resist this adorable cat watch uploaded by Papelería Corona in Pueblo, Mexico. Showcase your cutest presents and watch the love-struck shoppers come running.

Me-time staples

Even the most bonded couple can benefit from an hour or two apart. Self-care items like bath and beauty products are a big hit for Valentine’s Day. The stores in Canada and Great Britain that uploaded these bath items truly understand that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Craft supplies for frantic parents

One of the best kept secrets of parenthood is that the days before Valentine’s Day are some of the most stressful of the year. Moms and dads across the globe are rushing to cut, fold, glue and glitter dozens of valentines for their child’s classroom. Italian stores Bar…celona Bar Tabacchi Edicola and Tabaccheria Via Larga are making parents’ lives easier by uploading markers, tape, scissors and colorful paper to their Pickup Now inventory.

Art with heart

When you upload original art to Sell on Wish, you’ll tempt overachieving suitors to ditch the greeting card and go big. These pieces uploaded by SumioShop in the Netherlands won’t last long this close to Valentine’s Day!

Little gifts for the littlest valentines

Toys are a hot sellers for Valentine’s Day as the holiday becomes increasingly inclusive for loved ones of all ages. Follow the lead of ABC Toys in Great Britain and upload toys and trinkets kids will love.

When you use Sell on Wish you get your store’s products in front of the eyes of more people. By harnessing the commercial power of Valentine’s Day, you lure in local customers who are more likely to give you repeat business, and isn’t that the best love connection of all? 

Upload your first Sell on Wish product today using the Wish Local app.

Written By: leslieylinen