Introducing Your Own Wish Local Store Page!

May 14, 2020 4:00:09 PM | tips Introducing Your Own Wish Local Store Page!

Wish Local stores now have a unique landing page to showcase their inventory. Upload products, drive sales, and attract new customers with Wish Local and Sell on Wish.

You asked, and we delivered! All Wish Local participating stores now have their own unique landing page within the Wish app. 

Your store page will have all the information customers need right in one place. You can showcase your store hours, store location, and contact information listed clearly at the top of your page. Shoppers can find which Pickup Now items your store currently has in stock. Best of all, your store’s own products that you upload with Sell on Wish will be neatly cataloged here. Locals in your area will be able to see everything your store has to offer, all in one place!

A link to your store’s page was emailed to you, so make sure to check your inbox. Share your link with friends, family, and customers. 

Keep uploading products to Wish and gain access to our network of 90 million monthly active users. Sell on Wish drives sales and increases your business’s visibility in your area. For a limited time, there are no fees to upload your products. You keep 100% of the profit. 

To get started with Sell on Wish, watch the tutorial below or review our step-by-step guide.

Happy selling!

Written By: leslieylinen