February Newsletter: Improve Customer Engagement with Gamification

Feb 23, 2022 2:18:08 PM | tips February Newsletter: Improve Customer Engagement with Gamification

Learn more about how gamification benefits businesses and how you can apply it to your store.

Tip of the Month: Gamification to Improve Customer Engagement 

In last month’s Tip of the Month, we covered loyalty programs as a popular strategy to encourage customers to return to your store. To build on the loyalty program further, consider spicing up your engagement strategy with gamification.

You can use gamification in your business by setting up a fun activity to delight customers who visit your store, such as letting them guess how many items are in a jar to win a free product or discount. These experiences offer the opportunity for customers to engage with your business on an emotional level, which can motivate them to return and make additional purchases at your store.

Learn more about how this benefits businesses and how you can apply gamification to your store.

Honoring Black History Month

February marks Black History Month, a time to celebrate and recognize the history, stories, accomplishments, and significant contributions of Black Americans in U.S. history. 

Meet LeTanya Swearingen, entrepreneur and Wish Local store owner of The Infinity Glam Group in Fayetteville, Georgia. LeTanya opened Infinity Glam Group in July 2019 and started Wish Local the following month in August. 

“I’ve been in business all my life. My grandparents were entrepreneurs, and that’s who I learned from,” said LeTanya.

LaTanya’s excellent customer service makes her business a go to pickup spot for her community. Check out The Infinity Glam Group!

Wish Local Expert Guide: Pickups

Excellent and fast pickups always improve customer experiences in your store.

Keep an eye out for your Ready for pickup packages. All of these packages have a 15-day pickup window, so customers should be coming in soon.

We recommend organizing these packages separately from the listed for sale items.

Check out all of the features in your In stock tab for the tools you can use to manage your inventory.

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