May 15, 2019 4:23:29 PM | Uncategorized A Parisian Shop Gets a Boost with Pickup

Take it from Mr El Mahfoud, who manages L’Euro Quincaillerie.

How Wish Pickup is helping brick-and-mortar thrive

Wish Pickup is already growing quickly in several countries. Brick-and-mortar shops are gaining foot traffic, while Wish consumers are discovering new stores in their area. With Wish’s 100 million active users, becoming a Pickup partner is one of the easiest ways for a store to earn extra revenue and welcome in new faces from the neighborhood.

Take it from Mr El Mahfoud, who manages L’Euro Quincaillerie, a hardware shop in Paris. Since becoming a Wish Pickup spot in December 2018, he’s had great success with the program. He said getting started was simple and straightforward. Sign-up was easy, and the welcome kit provided by Wish was a great resource that answered any questions he had.

Soon after joining, Mr El Mahfoud saw the boost the program was giving his business. “Becoming a Wish Pickup spot brought in customers that had never come into our shop before,” he said.

He added that some customers who come to pick up Wish orders stay to shop for other items in his shop, resulting in easy, additional sales.

Increased foot traffic has also given Imounane the opportunity to form relationships with new locals. He’s able to talk to them about his shop, its inventory, and his hours of operation, allowing him to cultivate potential repeat customers in the area.

Mr El Mahfoud said he would definitely recommend Wish Pickup to any brick-and-mortar store. In fact, he’s already referred another store in Paris! According to Imounane, there’s “nothing to lose” by joining.

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Written By: Wish Local