7 Ways to Boost Your Foot Traffic

May 15, 2019 4:33:26 PM | tips 7 Ways to Boost Your Foot Traffic

From digital marketing tips to in-store ideas, see how businesses bring people into their stores.

From digital marketing tips to in-store ideas, see how businesses bring people into their stores.

Getting customers to walk into a store can make or break a business. We broke down 6 different strategies, from online ads to in-store amenities, to boost your foot traffic.

  1. Advertise where the people are

Think about where your type of customer goes online to learn about products, then advertise in those places. You can often find customers reading about their hobbies or looking for product reviews on Facebook groups, Yelp, Reddit, and specialized blogs.

2. Fact check your online presence

Make sure the information about your business on the internet is up-to-date. Clean up any Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other directory listings. Check to see that your contact info, hours of operation, and address are correct.

3. Create local events with other businesses

Join up with neighboring store owners to host a weekly night where stores stay open later & offer deals. Throwing a special event will draw consumers, who have put aside the time specifically to shop in your area.

4. Provide useful amenities

Set up helpful service areas, such as a water fountain or a phone-charging station, to bring additional shoppers into the store. Customers can keep your business in mind when they need an amenity, visit your store, and end up leaving with a product or two.

5. Post clear signage

Clarity is everything. Use signs to clearly indicate important information such as parking, sales, business hours, brand information, and whether or not you are open or closed. A funny or cute sandwich sign outside your door also helps to get passersby into your store.

6. Offer in-store social media

Set up a cute selfie wall with a clear #hashtag and handle. Shoppers can take photos of themselves & in the process promote your store on social media.

7. Partner with Wish for free

Join the Wish Local program as a store partner and pickup location. When you become a pickup location, new local shoppers will come in and discover your store. Wish Local has already helped many stores, such as L’Euro Quincaillerie in Paris, boost their sales.

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Written By: Wish Local