5 Best Organization and Storage Tips for Wish Local Partners

The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are the busiest for e-commerce with a whopping 900 million packages being shipped worldwide. Delivery volume is expected to peak in the week before Christmas. As a Wish Local partner you should expect an uptick in Ship to Store orders during the gift-giving season, so having a foolproof storage and organization system is crucial to your success.

We’ve reached out to Wish Local partners worldwide and gathered their best tips and tricks to manage, organize and store Ship to Store packages and Pickup Now inventory items. Get inspired by these setups so you can spend less time hunting for orders and more time spreading holiday cheer to your customers!

Try Open Shelves for Easy Access

Large open shelves make locating Ship to Store packages and Pickup Now inventory quick and easy. Jimmi’s Flowers of Denmark went so far as to paint their Wish Local shelves a cheerful Wish Blue. 

Have a Coded Organization System

The new Ship to Store shipping labels will always consist of three letters followed by three numbers. That means you can use an alphabetized or numerical system, whichever you prefer. For Pickup Now inventory products, small items can be grouped by material or type. For example, store plastic items together or car accessories together. 

The Wish Local app has a “notes” section which can be used to record where on your shelves or bins an item is stored. Recording this information when you receive your inventory can save time when your store gets busy!

Utilize Bins, Baskets, and Boxes

For those who prefer to keep items out of sight, storage bins, baskets, and boxes can keep your store looking tidy and organized. We love how our partner store LGBTQ of Yakima displays a handcrafted letter block sign!

Create a Workflow

Creating a Wish Local workflow is the most critical piece of the time management puzzle. Not only should your inventory be organized, but you should have a plan for who retrieves items, how you check for new orders, and how convenient your storage is to your point of sale. Carla from Wish Local partner store The Shoe Trunk checks each morning to see what Pickup Now orders were purchased overnight. She then moves those items from storage to behind the counter so she is ready for a full day of pickups.

Start a Conversation with a Display

Creating an enticing visual display of Wish Pickup Now inventory can spark customer inquiries and promote your affiliation with Wish Local. Intrigued customers can download the Wish app and use your store’s unique promo code to make their purchases. The customer gets a discount, and you earn a cash bonus for each new Wish user through our referral program

There you have it! This December, don’t be caught distressed and disorganized when the packages start flooding in. Happy Holidays!